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Featuring: Three Grunts From Mars

Golden Hit Vibes – Summer Hit Song of 2022

Destiny – DJ SHADOWMIND’s 1st Gold Single

Wolves – For Ukraine (Premonitions)

Our Control – The Homie Simply Doesn’t Like Anchovies…

Robot Animal Farm – Careful, the Robot Might Fall In Love With Your Girl.

Alien America – DJ SHADOWMIND’s Signature Song (NFT Metaverse for 2022)

Deepmind – Those AI…

Fully Awake – Are We Just Doing The Robot?

4 Da King – When Your Life Is Like a Movie Script!

On Target from the 3V3 Release – Technically, DJ SHADOWMIND’s Best Work.

Ai Dubstep from the 3V3 Release

One Swift Mind from the 3V3 Release

Quantum Time Machine from the Robot’s AI Heart

BOOM The Bass from the Royal Flush Release

BASS Reality from the Robot’s AI Heart

War and Authority from 3V3