Golden Hit Vibes (Faded)


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Celebrating the summer hit of 2022, DJ SHADOWMIND has designed a great shirt to fit the Vibe. This is the faded edition!

Dark? Light? This colour gradient T-shirt nicely combines saturated colours with lighter colours, leading to a versatile option.

  • Straight fit
  • Open edges at the neckline, cuff openings and seams
  • Small, decorative patch at the front
  • Nice and smooth fabrics in a mélange blend: 150 g/m²
  • 100% cotton
Men's T-Shirt with colour gradients

slimmer fit
S 700 mm 500 mm 210 mm
M 720 mm 530 mm 210 mm
L 740 mm 560 mm 220 mm
XL 760 mm 580 mm 220 mm
XXL 780 mm 600 mm 230 mm

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